Do you know why February is National Bird-Feeding Month?

February 23, 1994, John Porter read a resolution into the Congressional Record.

“Mr. Speaker, I would like to recognize February, one of the most difficult months in the United States for wild birds, as National Bird-Feeding Month. During this month, individuals are encouraged to provide food, water, and shelter to help wild birds survive.”

Because of this proclamation the National Bird Feeding Society has a new theme each year. The theme for 2016 is “hang some love”.

National Bird Feeding Society 2016 theme.
National Bird Feeding Society 2016 theme.

We are proud to be part of birding and excited to present quality products. In addition to our Funky Birdhouses, we now have bird feeders and are constantly changing and adding new products to always meet the needs of our customers, and their backyard birds.

Of course, birds don’t just need love in February. Backyard birding is a year round event and while the birds may change over the seasons there is always some hungry birds looking for a little love. Make sure to plan early enough for your new arrivals in order to enjoy them yourself.

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