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Funky Christmas Ornaments & Holiday Gifts

Executives at HappyHolidayware have over 20 years in the distribution business and are now specializing in ornament and holiday giftware. HappyHolidayware is not your corner store. We’re different from the rest. We don’t carry items you’d typically find in the “big box”.

Quality control is important at HappyHolidayware. We carefully scrutinize our inventory and select only the best of fun and unusual, yet elegant holiday gifts. Whether you are choosing a gift or ornament for your best friend, yourself, your child’s favorite teacher, or for the ever trendy exchange party, we are confident that you will have the perfect “funusual” gift.

HappyHolidayware will help you discover:

  • the most “stolen” ornament at the party
  • a unique gift your child will be proud to
  • hand deliver to his or her favorite teacher
  • a memorable decoration your best friend
  • will always unpack first during the holidays.

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